Monday, August 13, 2007

Cheney '94 v. Cheney 2002-7

This was when Dick Cheney had a different heart. Instead of Satan's heart he had a demon's. Yeah yeah, not much difference.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Obama Girl v. Giuliani Girl

Barely Political has done it again. This time the Obama Girl takes on Giuliani girl. "A least Obama didn't marry his cousin" is the best line. "Nothing is worse than Giuliani in drag" is classic.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Republicans Say No To Civil Rights

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words.

Apparently the Republican Presidential candidates do not believe that they need or want the African-American vote. Following in the footsteps of Dubya for the first six years of his White House occupation, Guiliani, Brownback, Huckabee, Hunter, McCain, Romney, Ron Paul, and Tommy Thompson choose to not to appear at the NAACP convention. The "presidential" candidates declined to show up for the NAACP-sponsored debate. Tancredo was the only candidate to make an appearance. Wonder how that felt?

This is an embarrassment for the entire world to see. The Republicans are not interested in civil rights, minorities, or anyone else for that matter. CNN, MSNBC, and Faux Noise have yet to report this - guess Paris Hilton is more important.

Wow. And nine percent of African-Americans will still vote for a Republican in November 2008.

Do your duty and spread the word about this travesty to America and how the Republicans really feel about civil rights.

John Edwards and Hillary Clinton Say Cut Numbers at Debate

Warning: The video has only been available from Faux Noise. Apologies to all. Faux Noise seems to forget that Dubya still does not know where England is located let alone California. Didn't Dubya have a listening device at his last presidential debate against John Kerry?

A conversation between Edwards and Hillary Clinton was recorded of them stating how they should work together to limit the number of debate. Have Edwards and Clinton forgot that just because they are considered the front-runners does not mean the American people have decided? What makes this conversation even worse is that they said this after debating at the NAACP convention. The NAACP is about civil rights for all and that includes the right to hear all the candidates.

Clinton of all people should know that the mics are always on and you have to be careful of what you say. Will be interesting to see what type of fallout occurs because of this conversation.

Next Clinton will be discussing keeping Edwards away because he is polling well below Obama and herself. Then maybe she will keep Obama away because she is polling higher than her. Oh say can you see.....................

Thursday, July 12, 2007

American Patriot

Larry Flynt is a true patriot. He is going after those in Congress and other places of great responsibility to the American Public. He is flushing out those individuals who use god and religion to cover up their own discretions. He is flushing out those individuals who hypocritically calls others unpatriotic, non-christian, immoral, etc., all the while they are the ones actually sleeping with prostitutes or having affairs. Newt Gingrich anyone. With the announcement that Flynt has credible information on 25 members of the House and 2 members of the Senate plus some other high ranking government officials, expect heads to roll. Get your popcorn and a nice cold beer out - this is going to be a hellavu ride.

And just for the fun of it. Here's something to laugh about.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos - Those Dark Guys

Pat Buchanan appeared on Carlson Tucker's show today on MSNBC. They were discussing the Sopranos series finale when Buchanan says I thought it was "those dark guys" that were going to kill Tony Soprano.

Those dark guys? Does Buchanan not know how to say Black or African-American? Even colored and negroes sounds better than "those dark guys."

Isn't the old saying that you get wiser as you get older. Well what was Buchanan like when he was in his 20s. No - do not want to go into his racist background.

Stay tuned for more commentary. Next how Congressman Campbell of California thinks that the Voting Rights Act is not needed.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Cheney Impeachment Gaining Steam in the House

(APN) ATLANTA — US Reps. Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) became the sixth and seventh total cosponsors of US Rep. Dennis Kucinich's (D-OH) bill to impeach Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney, Atlanta Progressive News has learned. Is anyone else cheering? Pelosi better get on board and soon.

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Republicans in California - Just Can't Trust Them

Is anyone surprised that they have ethical issues? The entire party is corrupt. Any person who votes for a Republican in 2008 is not patriotic.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Do All Black People Look The Same To Fox News?

Here we go again. Faux Noise is obsessed with smearing the truth, African-Americans, and the news world. What is Rupert Murdoch's agenda? Why smear Conyers?

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Fuel Efficiency: American Cars Move Further Down the Chain

The oil companies must be shaking in their boots. Too bad American car makers still have not gotten the hint that Americans want fuel efficiency not a cup holder that has heating and cooling capabilities.

From The Future of Things -

The Pennsylvania based Lithium Technology Corporation recently demonstrated a new type of "plug-in" Toyota Prius hybrid car. The new model is based on advanced lithium iron phosphate battery which allows the hybrid car to travel up to a distance of 125 miles per gallon of fuel – making it possibly the most efficient mass-produced car in the world.
Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) announced that its' new lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology might be incoporated in hybrid cars expected to arrive in the market in 2008-2009. The Toyota Prius demonstrated by LTC was also equipped with a "plug-in" capability which allows it to recharge using conventional power sources (such as a power outlet in the owner's garage). Currently there are no "plug-in" capable cars on the market but special conversion kits are available and a small number of people are already using them to recharge their hybrid vehicles.

Although the new long range "plug-in" Toyota Prius might prove to be even more popular than its current version (which since the launch of its second version in 2004 has sold over 200,000 units worldwide), it is still very far from breaking the world record for the longest drive per gallon of fuel. This record was recently broken by a prototype car built by a team from St. Joseph La Joliverie University in France, which set an astonishing record of 7,148 miles per gallon of fuel (3,039 km per liter).

More information on the new lithium iron phosphate battery technology can be found on the LTC website.

GOP seeks to expel Jefferson from House

Don't recall the Republicans taking this action when Tom Delay and the other Repubs were indicted. Oh the hyprocrisy.Republicans, citing Pelosi's election-season promise to run the most ethical House in history, sought Jefferson's expulsion from the chamber, possibly before he comes to trial on the bribery charges.

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GOP head: We need more 'attacks on American soil'

In his first interview as the chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party, Dennis Milligan told a reporter that America needs to be attacked by terrorists so that people will appreciate the work that President Bush has done to protect the country.

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